October 4, 2014

The method for engraving glass by laser engraving machine

The laser can engrave on the surface of glass but its engraving depth is not deep and it can’t cut the glass. Generally speaking, the laser can make the frost melt and crumble result. Under normal circumstances, the user want to get frost melt but not crumble result. The result is mainly up to the texture of glass and whether the hardness is unanimous.

In general, engraving glass is more difficult to control, according to the following steps we can get more smoothing frosting surface:

a. Please smear a little detergent on the engraving area, cut off a piece of newspaper or napkin whose area is much bigger than the engraving area, fully steep wet the paper with water, squeeze out the spare water, level the wet paper on the engraving area without wrinkle.

b. Put the glass inside the laser engraver, please start the engraving when the paper is wet. Then take out the glass, clear away the remnant paper and clean the surface of glass. If necessary, we need to polish the surface of glass with 3M scotchBrite. Generally speaking, the laser power needs to be installed much lower, the resolution needs to be installed as 300dpi, we can try to use the big standard lens to engrave.

Note: We need to become more careful when use the laser to engrave the leaded crystal, the leaded crystal has the different expansion coefficient, when engraving we may lead to the crackle or fracture of crystal. We can avoid the problem if we install the laser power much lower but we also need to keep fracture away at any moment.

Clean: After finishing the work, we can clean the glass surface with stupe.

Fills: We can color the glass with acrylic paints.

The Application Domain of the Laser Processing Equipment

Laser Beam has a serie of advantages such as, Sign engraving, good monochromaticity, high energy density, leather engraving, good control about the space and time. At present it is widly used in the material processing region. The laser processing industry includes automobile manufacture, aeronautics and astronautics, electronic, chemical, packing and medical equipment, etc. Combined with the computer number control technology, the laser processing technology has become the crucial technology in the industrial production automation, having the big superiority that the common processing technology can’t compare with. For example, the laser processing is the none-touch processing with faster speed and none-noise, which can achieve the high precision processing purpose of various products with complicated shaps, moreover, it won’t have the “cutter” abrasion phenomeon and we don’t need to change the “cutter”. The global laser processing market is promising, as estimated it is ascending at the speed of 20-30% every year.

1. Multipul branches PCB laser microchannel puncturing technology

In recent years, the laser technology has been widly used in the high density printing circuit board microchannel puncturing and chip packaging equipment, the newest world microchannel puncturing information demonstrate that more than 300,000 square meters high density multilayer printing circuit board is punched by laser. The early laser puncturing equipment for PCB microchannel puncturing is single UV YAG laser engraving machine or single CO2 laser engraving machine. Because the requirements of micro-channel punch output rising, Many manufacture factory starts to develop double-head laser puncturing equipments. In the current market the three main double-head laser puncturing equipments are: double-head CO2 laser system, double-head UV laser system, mixed laser system( UV and CO2).

There are two kinds of more economical laser technologies are used for PCB board microchannel puncturing: CO2 laser, wavelength is in the distant red dot region whose puncturing diameter is 100 micro. W laser wavelength is in the ultraviolet region, which is widly used in this situation whose puncturing diameter is 100 micro or hole diameter is less than 50 micro.

In the ultraviolet laser technology, the semiconductor Pumping UV laser machine has become the standard laser machine in the industry application, it can increase the monopulse energy that transmitted to the surface of workpiece.

2. Laser welds the plastic

1. Along with the laser welding plastic’s advantages are widly used in the components design and manufacture of the automobile, medical equipments and electronic industry, high power optical fiber laser plastic welding system can fully meet the fast, effective and clean plastic welding way in the plascic products’ processing.

In the current domestic market, the commonly used plastic welding technologies are vibration friction welding, heat plate plastic welding and ultrasonic welding which are mainly used in connecting the sensitive plastic products(involve circuit board), plastic parts with complicated geometry and plastic products with strict cleanliness requiremen( medical equipment) and so on. The optical fiber laser welding plastic technology has the following advantages:

(1) It can creat the precise, tight and airtight (stuffiness and water-tight) welding, less resin degradation and less detritus.
(2) It is easy to control and have good adaptability, it can weld the workpieces with small size and complicated outlines.
(3) Tremendously reduce the vibratory stress and thermal stress of products.
(4) It can weld various of materials together. Laser plastic welding technology has been used in the occident developed countries but our country still doesn’t apply the technology at present.

2.The welding methods that being used in the plastic laser welding
The basic principle that laser welds plastic is two kinds of plastics are clamped together by low pressure, the laser pass one product and it is absorbed by another product, the product that have absorbed the laser energy transform the light energy to heat energy and it is melt on the contact surface of plastic, then make a weld zone. The commonly used welding methods are as following:

a. The laser beam scan quickly along the commissure, in order to achieve the welding purpose.
b. Shaping the laser beam through the optic elements and generate energy at the commissure at the same time.
c. Illuminate mask welding, the laser beam only heat the product’s part that doesn’t been covered by the mask, which can weld the complicated seam quickly.
d.Fix the laser beam, put the plastic workpiece on the multidimentional moving working table that controlled by the program.

3.High power optical fiber laser machine’s application in the ship manufacturing

1.The application advantages of laser processing technology in the shipping manufacturing The main merits of laser processing in the shipbuilding industry:

(1) The ship carrying capacity is increasing and it requires much thinner panel, the laser welding can avoid the heat affecting when processing.
(2) The laser can adopt flexible output manner like optical fiber, so the big size workpiece such as deck and hull can not be affected by the dimension of worktable.
(3) None-touch, fast speed, smooth edge, high speed automation can significantly reduce the shipbuilding cost and time.

2.The developing situation at home and abroad

The main large-scale shipyards in Western and Japan have substantially adopted the laser processing technology. At present, some areas in America and Europe are developing tbe processing equipments of the high power optical fiber laser industry, what is under development is the repeatedly development of the processing equipments of the 2KW and 6KW output industrial-level optical fiber laser machine. Our country has developed middle and low power series industry optical fiber laser machines, but the processing application of high power optical fiber laser machine industry is still blank, in our shipbuilding industry almost hasn’t adopted the laser processing technology.

3. The advantages and prospects of the high power optical fiber laser machine in the shipbuilding manufacturing industry.

The optical fiber laser engraving machine is the concerned hot spot in the laser domain in recent years. There is a tendency that the optical laser machine will quickly replace the traditional YAG and CO2 laser engraving machine in the processing domain. People generally agreed that the high power optical fiber laser machine will be the third generation most advanced industry processing laser machine.

Optical fiber laser engraving machine has many unique advantages, such as good quality light beam, small volume, light weight, maintenance free; easily operated air cooled system; low woking cost, can be used in the industry enviroment; long life and high processing precision, fast speed; high efficiency of the electric energy and can realize intelligentization, automation and nexibility operation. Based on the above advantages, its application domain has extended to the metal and non-metal materials’s laser cutting, laser welding of the automobile manufacture, shipbuilding and aviation industry.

Maintenance Manual of the Laser Engraving Machine

1.Filling lubricating oil to linear guide

As we know, the smoke and dust which is generated by the engraving and cutting will harm the guide rail after a period of usage, so we need to do the daily maintenance of the guide rail.
Please turn off the laser engraving machine and cut the power, clean the guide rail with clean mull, then please drop the lubricating oil on the guide rail, try to move the slide rod and make sure that the oil comes into it. Make the slide rod move on the guide rail after filling the oil, now we need to install the guide rail firstly, please don’t fix the guide rail firstly, install the screws in the right position and keep the slide ray on the even level. Then fix the belt and slide rod well, install the lens and then adjust the destination of X light.

2.Clean the reflector and focusing mirror

After a period of usage of the laser engraving and laser cutting machine, the smoke and dust will adhere to the surface of the reflector and mirror, which will affect the engraving and cutting depth and also will affect the engraving and cutting precision. We need to clean the three reflectors and one focusing mirror with pure alcohol weekly.

3.Oil-filling for the bearing

Laser engraving machine is equipped with lots of bearings, in order to keep the good engraving and cutting result, part of bearings need to be refilled with oil regularly (except the oil-retaining bearing). Wipe off the surface dust on the bearing with the clean mull, take a piece of injector and suck some engine oil inside, then fill the bearing with pinhead and move the bearing at the same time.

4.Adjustment of synchronous belt.

There are some synchronous belts on one laser engraving machines, if the synchronous belt is too loose which will result in the double images of the engraved words, if the synchronous belt is too tight which will result in the abrasion of synchronous belt. After a period of usage, please adjust the taut screws of synchronous belt, adjust the synchronous belt until its degree of tightness is suitable, it is adequate when there is no double images of the engraved words and the noise of the laser engraving and laser cutting machine is very low, or you can consult our technician.

5.Maintenance of the laser tube

The laser tube of the laser engraving machine is using the cycle water as cooling systme and as the time goes on, there will be some furrings inside the laser tube. We we can put a little vinegar into the cycle water, the vinegar will melt the furring. After that, we shall use some clean water to clean the tube. So the laser tube will be in the best working condition and its life will become longer.

Precautions against laser engraving machine

precautions against laser engraving machine operation

1. no earth connection permitted during machine working. the earth wire of laser power should be connected to the earth, doors windows or water tube facilities are not allowed to be connected. the earth wire should be connected to the outside ground.

2. please check if the water pump run water or not and if the laser tube is full of water. water run out from the water pump or not enough water in the laser tube is not allowed when machine is working.

3. the water container should be larger to promise the circulating water is around 20kg. the water temperature should be below 25 degree centigrade, the circulating water should be replaced when the water temperature is very high. it is better to use purified water as circulating water, which should be promised clean and replaced every four days.

4. the reflector and focus lamp should be wiped by special camera lens paper or medical cotton buds dipped alcohol and anther. (mixing ratio is 1:1), please keep clean once a week.

5. the blower should be opened when engraving, in case pollute the lens and focus lamp.

6. the laser water tube should be running out in winter, in case the laser tube frost crack.

7. this laser light is invisible light, flammable materials and explosive goods are prohibited to be put nearby the machine, in case the laser deviation result in fire breaking out.

8. the operator leaving is not allowed during machine working, in case unnecessary losses happen.

9. open the machine by laypeople is prohibited, because there are laser and high pressure inside the machine.

10. any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse reflection goods put in the machine are not allowed, in case the laser light is reflected to people or flammable materials.

11. opening machine is prohibited under unstable pressure, or else, voltage regulator should be used.

12. operator not be trained is prohibited to operating the machine.

daily maintenance
the horizontal type machine light path is complicated, in order to make sure the light can pass through each lens and keep the max laser light power, light adjusting can improve the engraving efficiency.  there are following methods to adjust the light path.

1. wipe the lens
the reflector and the focus lamp are consumables. if the maintenance is not in time, the dust from engraving will erosion the coating of lens, if the coating of lens broke, the lens cannot reflect the light fully and will be absorbed the heat by engraving, which will impact thelaser engraving effect and lens, broke. the following is the lens maintenance.

a) please look into the reflector surface golden film, which should be average color, if have any spots, please wipe softly by the absolute ethyl alcohol cotton buds to clean, if any broke in the golden film, please replace it.

b) screwing out the focus lens cap and take out the lens, if any spot on it, please wipe it by absolute ethyl alcohol cotton buds.

2.adjust the light path

(1) put the focus lamp on the top left corner, make the forth reflector aperture face to the third reflector, as follows figture1.
(2) look into the forth reflector incidence point, the deviation of the incidence point is adjusted through up and down ,left and right screws on the back of the first reflector.
(3) put the focus lamp to the top right corner and bottom left corner like figure 2 and 3, the second reflector deviation is adjusted through its own screws on the back of the reflector, the third reflector deviation is adjusted through the screws on the back of the reflector.
(4) put the lens to the position 4, bottom right corner, after checking no deviation, the adjustment is done, or else, adjust again by 1,2,3 positions.

How to bring a laser engraver and cutter function into fully play

how to bring a laser engraver and cutter function into fully play? —the most important thing is the daily maintenance for its efficient and safety if did it,  the lifetime of machine can be longer, the processing quality can be kept and improved in order to achieve high efficiency

please execute the following steps seriously

1. connect the ground wire for safety
the laser power and machine body should be protected by ground wire well, the ground wire should be less than 4 for special purpose the necessities are (1) keep the power work formally, (2) keep the laser tube life time longer, (3) can prevent the machine body shake from external disturbance (4) prevent high voltage discharge from circuit damage please connect the ground wire by all means

2. keep the cooling water freely
please keep the water freely whether is tap water or circulating water pump the cooling water can carry off the heat from the laser tube, the higher the water temperature is, the lower the light output power (15-20 c water is good), when water break, the tube will be heater and be easily broken, even damage the laser power so it is necessary to check the cooling water frequently when the tube have the hard fold or the water pump do not work, please check and maintain on time, in case the low output power make the equipment damage

3. keep clean & maintenance, discharge air well and wipe usually
it is necessary to clean and maintain the machine body for its formal working the guide roll is the key part of the machine, it must be cleaned and kept lubricating, each bearing need to be filled oil periodely, which can make the driver flexible, processing precision and extend the machine lifetime

4.temperature and humidity
the working  temperature should be in the arrange 5-35 ctwo things have to be done (1) prevent the circulating water in the tube freezing, please make the water out of the tube after machine stopped (2) the laser power should be preheat above 5 minutes before working, the preheat time is longer in raining and humidity weather, make sure the moisture go out fully before the high pressure taken, in case the high pressure circuit broken

5. proper use of laser high pressure key

the laser power is under stand by situation after the laser high pressure key opened, when you touch the manual light or wrong computer operation, the laser light will be out to hurt the people or goods unconsciously it is better to stop the laser high power after each job, the (laser power can open), operator is prohibited to leave during machine working, in case accident happened, we suggest the continuously working time is below 5 hours, 30 minutes rest interval can be acceptable

6. keep far from huge electricity quantity and strong quaking equipments
sometimes, the electricity quantity interference can make the machine fail, it is rare, but it is better to be avoided therefore, please keep far from the large electric transmission and transformation equipments like larger welder, huge electric mixer and so on as well as the strong quaking equipment like forging press, the quaking from the earth is not good for the engraving effect

7.prevent the thundering and lightening attack
only if the building prevents measures is reliable, that is no problem on this point
special suggestions

please install a stable power at least 3000w above to prevent the circuit or computer burned in the unstable web and electricity areas

8. maintain the pc operation stability
pc controlling is mainly used for laser engraving machine; please use the pc only for engraving machine except install the necessary graphic design software
due to the web card and virus fire wall installed, the pc speed is influenced, please do not install the virus fire wall in the computer, and forbid the web card before engraving machine working

9. guide rail maintenance
during the guide rail working, there is massive dust from processing materials
maintenance method: firstly, wipe the original lubricating oil and dust on the guide rail by cotton fabric, then coat a layer of lubricating oil on the surface and side face of the guide rail the maintenance period is one week around

10. lower maintenance
after the blower working for a while, there is massive dust in the blower and tubes, the dust can affect the efficiency to make the smoke dust flow out incapable maintenance method: unload the exhaust duct and clean the dust maintenance period: once a month

11. screws fastening:
when machine worked for a long time, the moving system screws becomes loosen, which will affect the machine smoothness maintenance method: fasten the screws by the gift tolls maintenance period: one month around

12. lens maintenance:
after long working time, the lens surface has a layer of dust, which will reduce the reflection ratio and transmittance to affect the working efficiency maintenance method: wipe the lens dust by cotton bud dipped alcohol

Purchase of laser engraver machine

A. engraving rubber board for paper box printing
most laser engraver can engrave on rubber board, it s unnecessary for you to choose multifunctional and speedy machine, because firstly, most function can be used; secondly, faster speed, more shallow engraved depth, can t meet the demand of printing.
recommend: purchase suitable laser engraving machine for engraving rubber board, with low price and fast return.

B. engraving craftwork
most laser engravers can engrave craftwork and purchase is based on application.
engraving bamboo, wood, and notion: small machine, like size of 300*400mm, with low price and high precision. engraving wooden box and wine box: size of 500*70mm and 600*900mm, with up and down working table for long box to be put in.

engraving bamboo: size of 500×700mm and 600×900mm, with up and down working table and rotating unit.

engraving large format wood: size of 600*900mm, with up and down working table, and open through front and back door for putting large wooden board.
engraving new year card: size of 500*700mm and 600*900mm, with working table for cutting, and fast speed for paper not be burnt during working process.

C. cutting acrylic
most laser engravers can cut acrylic, but it s better for you to use special laser cutting machine, of which the optimized design is specialized in cutting and cutting effect is very good. if you insist on buying common laser engraving machine, it s very necessary to buy the machine with knife shape working table.
note: don t believe 60w or 80w laser power can cut 20mm acrylic, it is impossible. even the acrylic is cut through, the edge is extremely awful.
normal value is: 60w laser power can cut 8-10mm acrylic, 80w laser power can cut 8-15mm acrylic.

D. engraving and cutting costume and leather
purchase laser engraving machine with fast speed and honeycomb working table.

Common knowledge for the Maintanence of Laser engraving machine

1.Put lubricating oil GUIDE RAIL .
As we know that while we are using the laser engraving machines ,there must some smoke and dust which will harm the guide rail after a period of usage.so we have to do the daily maintenance by the following: The steps:

1)Turn off the laser engraving machine and cut the power.
2)Clean the guide rail throughtly,drop the lubricating oil there;
3)Try to move the slide rod and make sure thathe oil comes into it.
4) Do not fix the guide slide firstly.Installa the screws in the right positions and keep the slide ray on the even level. And then adjust the X light.

2.Clean the Reflector and focusing mirror
The laser engraver need Cleaning and we should clean the relector and focusing mirror with the PURE alcohol weekly.

3.Oil-filling for the bearing.
In order to keep the good engraving result for the laser engraving machine,we should clean the or lubricnt all the bearings. Take a piece of soft cloth and move the dust on the bearing firstly(except the oily bearings); Take a piece of injector and suck some oil inside it,then fill the bearings with the needle and move the bearing at the same time.

4.Adjustment of synchronous belt.
There are some of synchronous belts on one laser engraving machines.If all the belts are not in the same speed during working,the engraving result will be not that acurate ie.there would be fold-over on the engraved materials.

There is one standard for adjusting them well: The less nosie the engraver makes,the better situation the machine is in.

5. The maintenance of the CO2 tube.
All the CO2 laser engravers are using WATER as cooling system. And as the time goes on,there will be some furrings inside the laser engraving machine’s tube. In order to make the machine works well,we can put some vinegar into the water.The vinegar will melt the furring.After that,we shall use some clean water to clean the tube.By this way,we can make the tube on the laser engraver longer.

Engraving Plastics is Popular

special plastics for engraving have been developed for signage, faceplates, and other items.

standard cast and sheet acrylic plastic and other resins can be laser engraved

. commonly engraved awards use a cast acrylic shape lasered from the back. styrene, the plastic used to make compact disk cases, and many thermoform plastics, will soften around the edges of the engraving, resulting in low contrast. the surface may even ripple or become deformed. in some applications, such as date marking on plastic soda bottles, this is acceptable.

special plastics for engraving have been developed for signage, faceplates, and other items. these plastics incorporate silicate and other materials that conduct heat away from the material before it can become deformed. outer laminates easily vaporize to expose a different colored material underneath.

other plastics may be engraved, but experimentation should first be conducted on a sample piece. bakelite and some hard engineering plastics are said to do well. expanded plastics, foams, and vinyl s, however, should be cut with a router for the purpose. urethane and silicone plastics cannot be laser engraved unless they contain cellulose, stone, or some other nonconductive material.

Laser engraving opportunities for screen printer

find out about the features and functions of laser engravers, what applications the machines support, and how they can be used alongside thescreen-printing process.

laser engraving systems can be a valuable and profitable addition to any screen-printing shop, giving screen printers the opportunity to decorate materials and substrates that they might not have previously considered or that their existing equipment could not support. laser cutting and engraving systems can be used on a variety of materials. however, identifying potential applications can be a challenge. this article will discuss how these devices work and the benefits that they can bring to screen-printing operations.

The technology

most engravers use co2-charged lasers to produce precise and detailed images at a very high speed. they are commonly referred to as xy laser systems or cabinet lasers, in reference to the x rail and y rail assemblies along which the laser moves and the fact that the system is enclosed (figure 1). the overall throughput of the machine greatly depends on the power output (wattage), the speed, which is measured in in./sec (ips), and, most importantly, the acceleration of the engraving motion of the machine.

some lasers on the market specialize in one function over another. for example, one system is specially designed to vector cut materials up to 1.5 in. thick and has a large table size, which makes it suitable for someone who mainly does a lot of cutting. for most businesses, it s important to have a machine that can handle as many different jobs as possible. therefore, using a laser that can raster engrave on marble and then vector cut acrylic is vital to those who must maximize their resources.
figure 1 laser engraving equipment
co2 laser engravers can be used to decorate a variety of materials, including acrylics, leathers, fabrics, marble, rubber, and most plastics. industrial lasers, including nd+:yag and nd+:yv04 systems, can be used to mark raw metals.

the co2 laser is the most common system in the engraving market because it can cut and engrave on acrylics, wood, marble, leather, fabrics, plastics, and even anodized or coated metals. within the co2 segment, there are metal and glass co2 tubes; each with its own advantages.

glass tubes tend to work great for vector cutting and, at the same time, produce smooth, clean raster images. glass tubes, which include a glass housing filled with the co2 element, tend to exhibit less pulsing than metal tubes. because the power fluctuation is minimized, vector cuts come out cleaner, and raster images show less traces of banding. as great as this sounds, the major drawback of glass tubes is the fact that the lifespan is much shorter than metal tubes. so the cost of owning a machine with a glass tube goes way up as you must frequently replace the laser tube. a related concern is the machine downtime that occurs when a tube must be replaced.

metal tubes, on the other hand, do tend to exhibit power fluctuations and pulsing. still, adjusting raster and resolution settings can yield very professional, clean raster images and vector cuts. the major attraction of a metal laser tube is its lifespan. the average life is 20,000-35,000 hours of use. that amounts to eight hours a day at 100% power, seven days a week, for seven years, if the tube only lasts for 20,000 hours. but the tube will often last longer than that.

also available are nd+:yag and nd+:yv04 lasers. these lasers are geared to those who wish to mark on raw (uncoated) metals; as such, they re usually found in manufacturing and high-end technology companies. these lasers operate differently from the standard xy laser systems in that they utilize a galvo lens to direct the laser beam. because of this setup, the laser can engrave much faster than an xy system; however, the working area is usually much smaller.

to use any of these systems, the operator first creates or imports an image to a standard graphic design program. once the image is prepared, the operator uses the program sprint command to open the driver for the engraver, which opens additional option fields for engraving the image.

the capabilities and options of the laser engraver greatly depend on the driver. at this stage, the user can select the raster style and resolution, set the home position, and adjust power and speed settings. some drivers even allow users to adjust the pitch and sharpness of engraved edges for applications such as rubber stamps. the user then inserts the substrate into the machine, typically into the top left corner of the table, which is commonly used as the home position and is the starting point of the laser. after focusing the laser on the material (most machines offer an auto-focus function), the user pushes the start button and the laser fires away.

multiple capabilities

most systems are capable of performing cutting and engraving functions. when choosing a laser, it s important to consider which of the two functions you will need most frequently, because some systems may perform one function better than the other. wattage plays a big role in how well the machine will work. when it comes to photo engraving, a 30- or 40-watt laser usually will suffice. however, when it comes to cutting, particularly with thick materials, you may consider a laser ranging from 60-100 watts, or even 200 watts. you ll need more power to cut completely through material, whereas in engraving you are cutting to a depth of only a few millimeters.

the use of a higher wattage machine certainly opens more doors. not only will you be able to cut or engrave more materials, but you will also do so much more quickly and cleanly than you would with lower wattage machines. therefore, when purchasing a new laser engraver, consider purchasing one that has a higher wattage than what you think you might need. this will give you room to expand and take on jobs that you may not have been able to complete with a lower powered laser. purchasing a machine with room to grow is simpler and typically less expensive than trying to upgrade your machine to a higher wattage down the line.

opportunities for screen printers

laser engraving systems allow users to etch very fine and detailed graphics (including 4-pt type) onto wood, rubber, or any carbon-based materials to create stencils, which can then be used in screen-printing applications. the laser engraver also can be used to cut printed images.

another creative use of the laser engraver involves 3d engraving and then running the engraved piece though a flatbed printer. this will give the engraved piece color, depth, and a unique look.

co2 lasers can mark on a variety of materials, such as acrylics, leathers, fabrics, denim, marble, rubber, and most plastics(figure 2). however, the laser cannot mark or cut metallic materials. this is because the laser beam will reflect directly off of metal surfaces, with no effect to the material at all. but if the metal is painted, coated, or anodized, the laser will remove the top layer to expose the metal underneath. the result is a sharp, crisp marking that is ideal for plaques and trophies.

figure 2 applications for laser engraving
laser engraving systems can be used to etch the surface of various materials, as well as ablate coatings from substrate surfaces. depending on the material thickness and laser power, some also may support complete through cutting and contour cutting of printed images.

laser engravers are typically equipped with a windows-based driver. users can choose their own graphics-editing programs. most laser engravers function simply as a printer, so no special software is required. graphics programs that are commonly used to edit images for laser engraving include coreldraw, autocad, adobe illustrator, and adobe photoshop. you should use the software that you prefer, but it should be able to work effectively with the file types you commonly use. some programs may work great with bitmap images but cannot process vector images. other applications written specifically for laser engraving may also be used.

some systems offer the capability to contour cut printed graphics based on the original digital design file. these systems use an integrated camera to recognize the contour lines of an image and cut them out. some laser engravers offer an optional ccd camera module that allows users to do precise contour cutting. using a laser for cutting really opens up a whole new world of possibilities. not only will you be able to contour cut, but you also will be able to vector cut around the details of an image or even engrave into the material as well. by using a laser, you are not restricted to outside perimeter contour cutting alone.

several laser engravers feature exclusive functions, such as 3d engraving, which allows the user to engrave deep into wood or acrylic, resulting in a multidimensional effect(figure 3). other functions include stamp mode for creating rubber stamps and rotary attachments to engrave on cylindrical objects such as mugs or vases. also, systems designed with front and rear pass-through doors offer virtually unlimited height, enabling users to take on jobs that they might have otherwise turned away. this feature is ideal for those who wish to engrave on long objects, such as baseball bats, gun stocks, and wood paneling.

figure 3 engraving in three dimensions
some laser engraving systems support 3d engraving on various materials. this function allows users to create rubbers stamps and decorate cylindrical objects.

important considerations

screen printers should keep a few things in mind when investigating laser cutting or engraving systems for their shops. first, test the system s engraving or cutting quality. with so many laser engraving systems on the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that best fits your needs. also, many people wish to shop around for the lowest price. although buying a low-cost laser may be good for your wallet, it may not be the best decision in the long run. keep in mind that not all machines are created equal, and as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

the main things to consider when assessing a laser engraver include the motors, rail system, driver, and laser tube, as well as the technical service and warranty offered by the manufacturer. the motors on a laser engraving system are vital in making precise cuts. if a motor loses its place, it can ruin an engraving job, especially if a job requires multiple passes over the same area. dc servo motors are best and provide consistent and accurate cuts.

the rail system must provide smooth and frictionless movement. some systems employ a low-maintenance motion linear bearing system to ensure effortless and smooth operation. the driver is another critical component that determines the flexibility and functionality of the equipment. the driver should be easy to navigate and operate. the more features it offers, the more options and control you have over your work. finally, remember that the laser tube is the heart and soul of any laser engraver. make sure that the tube is from a reputable source. stay far way from off-brand tubes.

one of the most overlooked aspects of owning a laser engraver is technical support. laser engravers are very complicated pieces of equipment. if a part were to fail, who would you turn to for assistance? make sure your dealer will be able to assist you in case you are ever in need of service. also check to see what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers. some warranties are longer than others. find out the length of the warranty and determine precisely what it covers. wear-and-tear items usually are not included in the warranty, so be sure to check the price of replacement parts.

considerations should focus on more than just price, features, and warranty. also ask yourself the following questions: is the output precise enough to be used for producing stencils? do we need better output quality? is the output quality consistent? are there any hidden costs for training and maintenance? will there be any chemical reactions with the materials that we plan to process? harmful chemical byproducts may damage the machine and harm the operator. these byproducts can be created when working with materials such as pvc or teflon.

in the end, just be sure to research and do your homework. a laser engraving system is one of the best investments you can make for your business. as long as you know what your needs are and understand what the system can and cannot do, you ll be on your way to a future of profitable laser cutting and engraving.

Which factors should be considered when choosing the appropriate engraver?

There are a large number of engraver bands in the market, they have their own thoughts towards the engraver purchasing project. So how to choose the appropriate engraver? Any style engraver can not content all the customer’s requirement. When choosing the engraver you should consider these factors as following: keep up with the develop of times, fulfill the need of your process feature and your develop direction, accord with your company actuality ,meet the needs of your company clients; Since the needs, the development direction and the company actuality is different so you should choose the different engraver.

Keep up with the industry development:is the development direction of engrave production industry.

asks for the engraver has these functions: convenient operate system; only the convenient operate engraver can meet the production need, and it becomes possible to make one person operate a few engravers. Only one person be able to operate a few engravers can it show the advantages of.At present, the convenient operate system has the following embodiment: auto aim at knife, auto replace knife, real-time monitor, break point memory and so on.

Super- strong stability and predominant cooling capability: The facility that without super-strong stability and predominant cooling capability can not ensure its work time, it can not demonstrate the advantage of production either. Super-strong stability is determined by the component choice and the exhibition of wiring parts. The sticking point is whether the manufacturer adopt import component and whether they have the independent research capability.

Continuable upgrade: the engraver can renovate conveniently is another demand of production. The engraver that without continuable upgrade capability will make you invest ceaselessly. Whether the manufacturer have the all-around research capability determines whether the manufacturer can update persistantly.

asks for the engraver has these functions:continuable upgrade;according to the client’s need the engraver should update constantly.whether the engraver manufacturer has the all-round research capability becomes the sticking point;and whether the engrave manufacturer has the research speciality series engraver becomes the key point, too.

Fulfill yourself process feature;

accord with your company actuality; Every engrave production company should choose the different measure and specification engraver according to the strength and process feature of company. For example, when the corporation give priority to the great breadth area, it should choose the 1.2H engraver, if the corporation’s capital strength doesn’t rich it should choose the comparatively high value ratio machine.

Fulfill the need of corporation clients, client’s requirements have the following primary aspects: the character of engraving; the character is determined by the engrave precision, function of design software and excellent latter process technics.The engraver must adopt imported electricity machine, ball bearing thread pole and guide rail in order to ensure its engrave precision. You must have powerful software compatibility and then can apply excellent design software. If you want to hold excellent latter process technics,the manufacturer or dealer should offer the training about latter process technics.

Time ensurance of delivery: the ensurance of delivery time is determined by the engraver speed and quality of after sale service. Engraver speed mainly lie on whether the engraver has the following functions: speed of engrave and vacancy walk separated, round arc dictate and subdivision, auto-saving material typeset, knife goods select scheme.

Engraver’s service quality is determined by the following aspects:
whether the product suppliers hold the perfect after-sale service system, whether hold the nice after-sale components supply,whether have the advanced diathesis technic engineer,whether have the excellent after-sale service thoughts.Whether the manufacture have the abundant capital strength, whether can develop persistly related to the research,product,sale and service of engrave facilities.

Price of engraving execution lies on the engrave cost

Engrave cost interrelated to the engraver performance has the following aspects: whether have the ability adapt to production, whether hold the excellent steady performance, whether favors long time work and so on. We hope we can help you buying your satisfactory engraver.

All the above factors must get provement from the internet, in this way you will gain deeper understand about the machine and the factory.

Tryout the machine time and again and know every factory’s distinguish and advantage.

How to better exert the work efficiency of engrave incise machine?

For the purpose of security defending and high efficient production, the most important thing is to ensure the facilities’ daily security maintenance; If you can do that, not only can postpone the life of machine but also can keep and improve the process quality of production all the time, achieving steady high efficiency ultimately.

Please works as the items below

1. grounding all right The laser electricity source and machine tool (chuang ti) must have good earth protection.

The ground line should use leased ground line that less than 4Q.The necessity consist:
(1) ensure the laser electricity source works normally.
(2) postpone the using life of laser pipe.
(3) avoid the outside interference which can cause the machine tool jump.
(4) avoid high pressure discharge which may cause the circuit trauma by chance, for god’s sake! for god’s sake!

2. cooling water should flow expeditly

Whether the tap water or the circle water pump must keep the water flow expeditly.The cooling water is used to drive the heat of laser pipe, the higher the water temperature is the lower light power output(take the 15-20oC water temperature fine);When break the water it will cause the end of pipe burst, even shatter the laser source for accumulating heat in the laser cavity. So it is very essential to inspect whether the cooling water flow expeditly at any moment. When the water pipe forcedly break or come off that cause the water pump failure, you must repair promptly, lest the power descend or even cause the equipment shatter.

3. cleanness maintenance, nice exclude wind, wipe at any moment cleanness maintenance of machine tool is the essential condition for machine tool working normally.

Just think how can we move when our articulations are not flexible. The same principle, machine tool guide rail is the high precision core components, you must wipe clean after finish every work, keep glabrous and lubricant; each axletree should pour oil termly, so as to make the drive flexible, process accurately, postpone the using life of machine tool.

4. environment temperature and humidity

environment temperature should in the 5-35 scope. The particular notice is that if you use it in the environment that under the freezing point you must do this:avoid the circle water icing up in the laser pipe, you must pour the water drastically after ceasing the machine. When open the machine, laser electric current must warm-up over five minutes then can work. In the somber and moist environment, the laser electricity source needs longer warm-up time. It can throw high pressure after excluding wet assuredly, so as to avoid the high pressure circuit shooting off.

5. Use the laser high pressure key correctly

When dial through the ‘laser high pressure key, laser electricity source in the stand-to estate, when fall across manual emit light’ or computer misuse, it will send out laser light, and hurt people or matter unconsciously. So if you don’t process continuously you should turn off the laser high pressure after finishing every work. (you don’t need to turn off the laser electric current. The operator is forbid leaving casually when the machine is working, lest happen suddenness. We suggest your continuous work time should less than 5 hours, you may bait for 30 minutes.

6. Away from the great electricity capacity or strong shaking equipments

The abrupt great electricity capacity interference will result in the failure of machine, although it is not often happen you should avoid try your best. So, such as big electricity weld machine, huge electric power dasher and large transport change electricity facilities should keep away from. Let alone strong shaking equipments. Such as the quiver caused by forging press machine and mobile vehicles at long bowls, the earth’s obvious tingle. They are unfriendly to the accurate engrave.

7. Defend the raid of thunder

As long as your building can defend the thunder.The first node of this section nice earth is good for defending thunder.

Especial suggestion:

In the unstable net electricity area(for example: the pressure heave exceed 5%) please install a stable pressure source which capability exceed 3000W at least, defending the pressure heave suddenly and burn the circuit or computer.

8. maintain and control the stability of PC

To control the PC is mainly used to control the engrave facilities.Except adding install the essential plane design sofeware, you should make the special machine for the special use without failure.

Because after the computer install the network card or fireproofing wall that kill the poison,will affect the control machine speed badly. Please don’t install the fireproofing wall that kill the poison.If you need the network card to tansmit the data, you are forbid to use the network card before operating the engraver.

9. maintenance of guide rail: due to the materials that should be processed will produce a mass of powder dust. Maintenance methods: first, use the cotton cloth to wipe out the primary lube and powder dust on the guide rail.After wipe it clean, please brush a flat of lube on the surface or side face of the guide rail. Maintenance period: about one week.

10. maintenance of (weather machine): after the weather machine working period of time, in the weather machine and exclude wind pipe will accumulate abundant powder dust.

The power dust will affect the excluding wind efficiency and result in abundant dust can not be excluded. Maintenance methods: loosen the connection throat of excluding wind pipe and weather machine,offload the excluding wind pipe,clean up the dust in the excluding wind pipe and weather machine. Maintenance period: about one month.

11. tighten fastness of screw: after the sport system works stated time,the screw in the sport connection will loosen, when the screw loosened, it will affect the placidity of machine movement.Maintenance methods: use the tools that attach given together with the machine to tight the screws one by one. Maintenance period: about one month.

12. maintenance of lens: after the machine works period of time, the lens will adhibit a flat of dust, in this way it will reduce the reflect rate of reflect lens and permeation rate of lens, and it will affect the laser work efficiency ultimately.Maintenance methods: use the pledget dipping ethanol lightly wipe the surface of lens deasil, to wipe out the dust.

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