July 7, 2009

Purchase of laser engraver machine

a) engraving rubber board for paper box printing
most laser engraver can engrave on rubber board, it s unnecessary for you to choose multifunctional and speedy machine, because firstly, most function can be used; secondly, faster speed, more shallow engraved depth, can t meet the demand of printing.
recommend: purchase suitable laser machine for engraving rubber board, with low price and fast return.

b) engraving craftwork
most laser engravers can engrave craftwork and purchase is based on application.
engraving bamboo, wood, and notion: small machine, like size of 300*400mm, with low price and high precision. engraving wooden box and wine box: size of 500*70mm and 600*900mm, with up and down working table for long box to be put in.
engraving bamboo: size of 500×700mm and 600×900mm, with up and down working table and rotating unit.
engraving large format wood: size of 600*900mm, with up and down working table, and open through front and back door for putting large wooden board.
engraving new year card: size of 500*700mm and 600*900mm, with working table for cutting, and fast speed for paper not be burnt during working process.

c) cutting acrylic
most laser engravers can cut acrylic, but it s better for you to use special laser cutting machine, of which the optimized design is specialized in cutting and cutting effect is very good. if you insist on buying common laser engraving machine, it s very necessary to buy the machine with knife shape working table.
note: don t believe 60w or 80w laser power can cut 20mm acrylic, it is impossible. even the acrylic is cut through, the edge is extremely awful.
normal value is: 60w laser power can cut 8-10mm acrylic, 80w laser power can cut 8-15mm acrylic.

d) engraving and cutting costume and leather
purchase laser engraving machine with fast speed and honeycomb working table.